Turkey’s Security Sector Leader Company

Important Notices,
Private security company premium taxes and social security debts do not ask for an official post . Because many of today’s private security company in Turkey does not have any social security to private security guards . Account whether the money could deter private security firm intent here trying to serve honestly give lower price than private security firm becomes tender for a private security service . In this way, private security companies against unfair contract before the social security premium debts do not ask for an official post.
Turkey's Security Sector Leader Company
The other one wrong move made ​​by private security firms to run the missing man . For example, 100 people, starting with the Private Security Service service company with 100 people taking them to a few months , then reducing this number to 80 by 20 fee is charged unfairly . Employers rely on private security firm can not control this leakage . Missing a lot of private security personnel will run a private security firm in the future, thinking about unfair competition by private security tender offer price is too low . Committing an offense by the employer at the same time deceiving.
Private Security Service Private security activities approved by the Ministry of the Interior will receive a certificate of permission from the company do you ask for.
5188 Special Security Service to private security personnel receive appropriate training görmüşmü company ? Special safety training certification? Do you have a special security ID ? Ask them to do a private security company . Because of this , while educated persons çalıştırılabilmekte specific charge ; untrained personnel operated much lower wages . Buddha lead to unfair competition . The lower level of pension security company qualified personnel when the employer by employing untrained personnel to serve the company’s high-quality security is his job hustling.
The other is a fraud, social security private security guards yatırılmamasıdır s over 30 days . Messala first private security firm operates out of 30 days , even though you have paid social security premiums accounted 15 days out of a private security company personnel turnover on social security . 15-day premium is an unfair advantage .
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