Private Security Risk Analysis in Turkey

Private Security Risk Analysis in Turkey

Our company is professional sense, the security risk analysis services. Fee is 20,000 Euro + KDV. Security risk analysis service, the purchaser altaydan physical security service is free of charge to companies.

Security Risk Analysis, Cautions

1-viewing angle, environment, security guard booth hakimmm seizure? uygunmu cottage location

2-Introduction of two-shell model where the security risk

3-Mannequin dummy security officer should be put into the 3-guard booth

4-Gate barrier installation

5-Cameras be put-night-vision-well plate reader

6-light-sound and the alarm should be put sim card

7-security cabin should be put

8-materials collected and the tank should be placed very messy

9-No to wall

10-No wire barrier

11-Security monitoring cameras

12-Altay monitoring cameras password

13-Missing lighting

14-Number of security guard be

15-All entries should be put on safety

16-K-9 dog should be put

17-Size detector

18-x-ray should be put

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Free Bureaucratic Service Tracker (Protection planning, permits, etc.).

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Free Risk Analysis

According to the law No. 5188 for Private Security Service to obtain all the bureaucratic procedures will be free of charge by the Altai Private Security expert technical staff.

Business receipts of social security premiums every month given bidder

Private Security Company provide an official letter that there is no social security debts and Finance

Required to employ private security personnel

trained staff

24/7 private security service

Additional personnel to private security intelligence investigation

Free private security permit monitoring of bureaucratic procedures

Private Security Company, Private Security Risk Analysis

Unser Unternehmen ist ein professionelles Gefühl, die Analyse von Sicherheitsrisiken Dienstleistungen. Fee ist 20.000 Euro + KDV. Sicherheit Risikoanalyse Service, ist der Käufer altaydan physische Sicherheit Service kostenlos an Unternehmen.


Private Security Risk Analysis in Turkey