Özel Güvenlik Danışmanlığı

Güvenlik Uzmanı Mustafa Serenay,
Altay Güvenlik, Özel Güvenlik Danışmanlığı, Kadromuz müşterilere profesyonele manada Hizmet vermektedir. Danışmanlık hizmetine,
1- Özel güvenlik personellerinin, Emniyete bildirimlerin yapılması
2- Güvenlik izinlerinin resmi makamlardan alınması,
3- Özel guvenlik elbise Onayi alınması
4- Silahlı personel için özel güvenlik izni alınması
5- Özel guvenlik elbise onayı alınması ve üniformalarının hazırlanması,
6- Kolluk kuvvetlerine personel bildirimleri yapılmasa
7- Proje Denetimlerinin yapılması
8- Özel güvenlik personellerine Yerinde Eğitim verilmesi


Özel Güvenlik Danışmanlığı

Özel Güvenlik Danışmanlığı

Private Security Consultancy in der Türkei
Altay Sicherheit, Private Security Consultancy, unsere Mitarbeiter professionellen Sinn, die dem Kunden dient. Counseling Service
1 – Police Anmeldung vorgelegt
2 – Private Sicherheitsdienste Erlaubnis zu sein
3 – Bestätigung Kleid einen privaten Sicherheitsdienst sein
4 – Der bewaffnete Miliz an private Sicherheitsfirmen Genehmigung sein
5 – Vorbereitung eines privaten Sicherheitsdienstes einheitliche Kleidung,
6 – bis Personal benachrichtigen
7 – Durchführung von Audits
8 – Private Sicherheitskräfte bieten Vor-Ort-Schulung


Private Security Consultancy in Turkey
Altay Safety, Private Security Consultancy, our staff professional sense, which serves customers. Counseling service
1 – Police notification is submitted
2 – Private security permission to be
3 – Confirmation of dress to be a private security
4 – The armed militia to be private security permit
5 – Preparation of a private security uniform clothes,
6 – to notify staff
7 – conducting audits
8 – Private security personnel provide on-site training


Consulenza su sicurezza privata in Turchia
Altay di sicurezza, Sicurezza privata di consulenza, il nostro personale senso professionale, che serve i clienti. Servizio di consulenza
1 – la notifica di polizia è sottoposto
2 – l’autorizzazione privata sicurezza di essere
3 – Conferma di abito per essere una sicurezza privata
4 – La milizia armata di essere permesso di sicurezza privata
5 – Preparazione di una società privata di abbigliamento uniforme di sicurezza,
6 – di notificare il personale
7 – audit lo svolgimento
8 – personale di sicurezza private forniscono formazione on-site
Частное консультирование Безопасность в Турции
Алтайский безопасности, частный консультирование безопасности, наши сотрудники профессиональном смысле, который обслуживает клиентов. Консультационные услуги
1 – Полиция уведомление представляется
2 – Частное право безопасности, чтобы быть
3 – Подтверждение платье, чтобы быть личной безопасности
4 – вооруженное ополчение, чтобы быть личное разрешение безопасности
5 – Подготовка личное Одежда форменная безопасности,
6 – для уведомления персонала
7 – проведения проверок
8 – сотрудников частных охранных обеспечить обучение на месте

İstanbul da Özel Güvenlik Danışmanlığı,

Hizmeti Vermekte Olduğumuz İstanbul Semt ve İlçeleri

Private Security Consultancy in Istanbul, We provide services, and the districts of Istanbul Neighborhood

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Altay Safety, Private Security Consulting, our team of professional sense, serve customers. Counseling service

1-Safety notices to
2-private security permit to be
Taking the approval of three-private security dress
4-armed private security permit to be
5-dress uniforms of private security preparation
To six-employee notifications
To 7-Audit
8-spot training of private security personnel
An expert on private security services, security consulting and auditing firm control Altay Private Security and Protection Services Inc. from the beginning to give you the Special Security Service to provide expert and trained staff and modern facilities on developing technology for your safety as well as all your questions and solve problems that we are always the most and aims to be the most reasonably close. For this purpose, we actually Altay ongoing services offered by the private security services, in addition to the existing security applications Security Consultancy aims to offer you the best in supervision. This new service provided by our company with the option where security service (on-site or in another private security firm provided security cases) even provide specific advice on the current security services and security audit facility provides a more effective, the actual situation and what to do about the reporting service provide.
Security Consultants
Today, a growing private security risks that were previously required special security measures in insufficient analysis makes the lack of time, such as in-service training given, than the new ones were added to security measures taken in the application of electronic security systems business görürlüğü made and the personnel working on the necessary controls at any time the level of risk that may occur due to various reasons such as denetlenmemesi interventions in preparation for the realization of these risks can not be ignored in the future will result in reductions.
Provided by the Private Security Advisory Service in the process of Altay Corporation;
In the absence of security activities have not yet provided security consulting services:
§ Establishment of security required by the organization determines the competence and the degree of risk assessments of businesses and organizations.
§ the number of private security personnel to be employed by determining the optimum level of security service, you will receive the purchase of extra staff costs are kept to a minimum.
§ Also the deployment of an insufficient number of staff and loss resulting from your exposure to security vulnerabilities by blocking ensures the continuity of the service.
§ Security Guard personnel will be recruited, not just the number of staff in order to be adequate in quantity and quality in the selection of the necessary specialist staff and the staff makes the selection interview.
§ technical equipment that will be needed during the activities of private security (CCTV, X-RAY) determines the number and the positions for you.
§ Management and institutions, which is essential in minimizing the risks which may be exposed to the outside wall, wire obstacles, physical barriers such as roadblocks on the determination of the structure and the position information and recommendations are on your side.
§ private security service buildings and facilities given its geographical location, additional measures need to be taken by field studies on the activity of the enterprise and the related proposals and provides recommendations to make.
§ companies and organizations to raise awareness about the security of their staff and the residents of the pioneering work and activities are also available.
Implemented in the Existence of Private Security Service Security Consultancy services:
§ Current private security services needed to be given the best training and support to allow a document.
§ private security personnel on duty to determine whether a sufficient number of cases deemed necessary by the employment of additional staff recommends.
§ In the case of staff is also more than enough informed about institutions and ensures optimum number is proposed in this regard.
§ provide use of the most efficient methods used during the use of the technical material, and provides measures.
§ Physical barriers in qualifying, being in the controls on the status of work and will recommend düzletme and additions.
§ The service is maintained by the institutions and organizations if they are missing on the geographical location and business activity that leads to kalınmışsa completions.
§ Both the employees and residents as well as other security personnel, and training activities aimed at informing keeps repeating the information and keeps it fresh at certain intervals.
Altay Private Security and Protection Services Inc., then a number of studies have sufficient information on consultancy services companies after being given a proprietary strategy by identifying the realization of all the measures and objectives within this strategy works. We also need to be more careful in terms of security of all security units recalling the important days and periods of permits to be prepared against possible risks. All other services and applications as well as the Security Service of the audit is inevitable.
Security services control
Altay Corporation were previously within this strategy to increase security measures to ensure the continuity and effectiveness of the controls is the parable. Companies need to get their own security systems and components as well as the institutions and organizations to make a purchase to get security structures was tried and the results of checks for you ‘need to know’ principle within the with you.
Supervision of security applications;
§ In the current private security staff in charge of whether you have sufficient professional knowledge and skills,
§ security measures, which are essential in terms of the adequacy of technical devices and effectively used or not,
§ Service purchased by the company in the project specified in the contract of employment is whether the number and quality of personnel,
§ are given security service protection plan complied with the pre-prepared,
§ measures from the beginning of the threats come from outside whether there are sufficient physical barriers,
§ to the conduct of emergency preparedness in the event of natural disasters has been performed,
§ Task allocated by the technical personnel engaged by the company, or you use the device and electronic equipment used carefully,
§ Security service personnel present during the task, and whether it is sensitive to the environment,
§ Security Patrol standards and effective implementation of this application have been performed,
§ Service should be used when, books and uniforms are properly used or not,
Guest inputs and outputs in accordance with § whether the record
checks and inspections on behalf of you performing on such issues shall form a special safety inspection and audit shall be submitted in a report to the requestor. This is our reporting and the institution / organization / company / depending on the contract between yourself and the regular (periodic specific time intervals, eg weekly, monthly, yearly) or make a one-time registration may be issued with.