School Safety and security model for Educational Institutions in Turkey

Turkey School safety school security model applied successfully provided security services, schools, university campuses, classrooms all kinds of possible threats against the elements without disturbing the peace education and training in line with business demands are serving as ALTAY  SPECIAL SECURITY AND PROTECTION SERVICES.

In the ALTAY,  the student protection from violence, crime, physical measures for the elimination of the floor process by reviewing theservice we offer through the use of cameras and alarm systems.
Reflection of the environment, crime and violence at school in the school. The school is directly proportional to the size and frequency of violence. 10 of every 100 school violence that scene, the reportstated that students are exposed to physical attack.

Taken as a school safety zone;
1. Between school and home
2. Safety in school

To be divided into two sections.

Teachers and students felt safe in itself is an effective teaching andlearning environments is very difficult to realize.

As a result, the necessary measures are taken by Altay company for schools to be safe places and schools, faculties, university campuses, and all the educational institutions designated specialsecurity measures to our staff about the risks and Educational Institutions  by giving vocational training services to public and private school achievement have been going through security.


School Safety and security model for Educational Institutions in Turkey