Quality Policy

Turkey Private Security, Quality Policy
Altay, aims to provide a service in line with evolving conditions of our country. Meet the needs and expectations of our customers timely and accurate every time. The environment, the place to protect and provide a service that makes it livable. Our source for the orientation of the target based on human labor to all employees promote awareness and understanding of quality. Private security in order to achieve the highest quality in our services to continue our work. Goal is to provide superior service by creating a permanent differences. You are the most beautiful we’d like to offer our services are very important to us and we try to ensure the continuity of services while, but we believe that this approach, you guys have lost the trust and confidence we can lose the most important partners, and I do not want to never.
Quality Policy
1. Tse standards, strategic planning,
2. Iso standards, strategic planning,
3. Private security personnel to be employed in accordance with the law number 5188
4. Private security guards to be employed according to the project
5. Shared with the employer to prepare a special security guidelines
6. Personnel productivity data sheet preparation
7. 7/24-hour supervision
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